Turbo Rain is a self contained programmable pump
used to pump collected rain water, through
drip irrigation, to your garden

Why Turbo Rain?

Rain water harvesting has been around forever, from giant cisterns to small rain barrels, the idea is simple, collect free rain water and put it to use in the garden.  The truth is once the water is collected it is difficult to actually use it.

Here are the most common, but NOT the most efficient, ways people move water from their tanks:

Other Systems

  • GRAVITY – Most rain barrels come with a brass spigot valve that is located at the bottom of the barrel.  If you are relying on gravity, as the tank level goes down, so does the pressure, so you can fill a watering can but you can’t use it for drip irrigation.  Placement of the barrel is difficult because the barrel must be very close to the garden because of the lack of pressure.  The biggest drawback is there is no automatic timer type solution for irrigation, forcing you to do all of the work yourself.
  • CUSTOM PUMPS – Piecing together your own system to pump water can work, but at what cost and at what inconvenience?  The custom systems we’ve seen normally run on 120v AC power and involve extension cords and a mix and match of timers and valves to make it all work.  These systems can be dangerous, do not work in off-grid application, are difficult to winterize, and they tend to be semi-permanent due to complexity.

Turbo Rain

  • PRESSURE – the 12v DC pump provides 3.0 gallons per minute at 40psi of pressure – plenty of power for drip irrigation, drip tape, sprinklers, or even garden hose with attachments.
  • POWER – 18-amp hour battery paired with a 20-watt Solar panel and solar charge controller – allows you to place the Turbo Rain anywhere on your property.  The battery and solar panel are sized to provide reliable operation in a variety of conditions.
  • PROGRAMMABLE – the programmable automatic timer allows you to set multiple on/off events to water your plants on any schedule you choose.  We’re all busy, cross “Water all the plants” off your list.
  • POSITION – the Turbo Rain is designed to pull water up from the bottom of the tank and out the top – this allows you to bury the tank and you never have to worry about gravity emptying your tank because you accidentally left the valve open.